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Case Studies

Quite Genius

Building a backend engineering team dedicated to helping individuals conquer their addictions.

Quit Genius’ mission is helping 100 million people overcome their substance addictions by 2030. They built the world’s first technology-enabled digital clinic for the modern era, dedicated to helping individuals conquer their addictions. And by doing so, they help payers curb the high cost of addiction care.

The Challenge

Quit Genius required access to engineering talent within London to achieve their wider engineering goals and ultimately their mission. Speed and transparency were critical. As were talent partners who would prioritise the organisation’s needs and be open and honest about market and candidate trends. Quit Genius were looking for a dedicated partner who were invested in their success, to work with on an exclusive basis.

The Approach

The priority for DS Group was to establish a clear understanding of Quit Genius, their goals, expectations and company culture. Enabling DS Group to quickly tap into engineering talent aligned to their values. A team was set up to focus exclusively on Quit Genius’ talent needs, collaborating regularly and onsistently with not only the CTO but the entire talent team. This access enabled a collaborative workflow and full transparency of progress at anytime, building a trusted relationship between the two parties.

The Outcome

Quit Genius are scaling hugely – a 500% headcount growth on an annual basis - so it was necessary for DS Group to work with urgency. DS Group has made 9 or 10 placements over 6 months which represents the majority of their backend team - and that’s across both permanent hires and contract hires.

William Duddell - Senior Talent Manager at Quit Genius

We were impressed with Theo’s dedication and attention to detail with regards to candidates and the pace that the team can work at – and that was what was most impressive for our CTO as well, hence why we wanted to solidify the relationship with DS Group”. We’ll continue to use DS Group, Theo and I know Oscar, has done a great job as well so credit to him. We’re very much committed to DS Group remaining a key partner of ours.


Increasing productivity for the teams that are forging real solutions to real problems.

Tractable builds the AI tools of choice for world-leading companies connected to auto and property industries. Their AI-first solutions bring the latest computer vision research and machine learning techniques to visual assessment. Using customer images, their AI products started enabling fast, accurate damage appraisal to help make recovery from accidents up to ten times faster.

The Challenge

There was an evident lack of agencies who were delivering good candidates in their specialised AI Researcher roles. We needed a recruitment agency who had worked in this space, and we came across Tom Goldberg. They were looking for subject matter experts and people they can work with collaboratively rather than a traditional agency/client relationship. They needed an agency which felt engrained into our business and understood our culture wholeheartedly – DS Group offered that.

The Approach

In the initial meet we discussed what was needed, ensured there were weekly touchpoints in place and setup Tom on our internal systems to provide transparency and collaboration across both sides. DS Group spent time mapping out the European computer vision market: from leading university research labs to top employers of computer vision talent within industry. The team then actively headhunted computer vision researchers and engineers through various methods like calls, videos and LinkedIn campaigns.

The Outcome

In under two years, DS Group have placed 39 individuals at Tractable. For every 5 CVs sent, an average of 4 interviews are scheduled. And for every 4 interviews, there’s an average of 1 offer provided. There has certainly been an increase in productivity and ability to better achieve business objectives because of the strong calibre of candidates.

Hiral Patel - Principal Recruiter at Tractable

We’re always most impressed with DS Group’s collaborative approach, the quality of their process and what’s being delivered and the flexibility they’re willing to provide to fit our needs.


An efficient relief in finding the right people to connect work forces across the globe.

Desana enables businesses' staff to easily find and book desks and meeting rooms across a global network of flexible workspaces—or their own offices—from the same app. They work with you to identify where your people require additional workspace - curating a network around their needs across multiple operators, cities, and countries.

The Challenge

Desana were struggling to fulfil their needs in creating a team of software engineers, which was proving inefficient when their focus is on service and product delivery. It was necessary to find an external agency who were consistent in their approach – saving time and internal resources. DS Group had good methods of reaching candidates and had a proven track record working with other companies of a similar size.

The Approach

DS Group are well established within their markets so using their network to find solid candidates proved to be indispensable. A direct port of call was implemented whereby a personal relationship was established and built upon. This meant we were comfortable to really delve into the pain points of our hiring needs, reinforcing the trust between us both. We worked closely to exchange information and thoughts, leading to an ultra-efficien way of work and as a result: fluid hiring.

The Outcome

The team at DS Group are consistently finding strong candidates for us and that will always be found impressive. Since our partnership, we have hired software engineers who are fundamental to our business.

Ro Ramtohul - Co-founder and CTO at Desana

It’s been great working with DS Group. Thank you!