Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

Location Heidelberg
Discipline: Machine Learning
Contact name: Emily Martin

Contact email:
Published: 17 days ago

​What You Will Be Doing

​As a C++ Machine Learning Engineer specializing in Generative AI, NLP, and LLM, you will play a crucial role in prototyping, developing, and implementing cutting-edge solutions for touch-free interactions in businesses and the private sector. Your responsibilities will include conceiving and developing end-to-end AI systems, defining and implementing AI systems, rapid prototyping, staying updated on the latest research, contributing to the development of HMI interfaces, and driving continuous improvement within your teams.

What the Company Hiring is Looking For:

​A Master’s degree or equivalent in AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, or related disciplines. Y

  • Experience in AI/Machine Learning methods, particularly in the field of NLP and LLM

  • Excellent programming skills in Python/C++

  • Experience with ML-Frameworks such as PyTorch or Tensorflow

  • Familiarity with tools like MLFlow, Hydra, Metaflow, and LLM-Frameworks/Tools (e.g., Langchain, Llamaindex, huggingface's transformers library) is highly desirable.

What You Can Expect from the Company Hiring

​Freedom to explore and implement your innovative ideas

  • Opportunities for personal development in cutting-edge technology

  • Support from a collaborative and caring team environment

  • A modern and spacious workspace in the picturesque city of Heidelberg

  • Fresh, healthy, and delicious meals prepared by an in-house chef

  • Ample vacation time to rest and recharge